Skip Into the Running Season!

Well autumn 2016 is officially here and many runners are gearing up for the race season ahead. It’s a good time to start brushing the dust off running jackets, hats and gloves from last year and blowing off the cobwebs with some new training regimes! Here’s a few tips for the running season ahead given the barrage of 5k and Halfs that are popping up at the moment and enjoyed by runners across the UK at the moment, whatever our ability!

Firstly I tend to start to think about switching some of the early morning runs into late afternoon sessions to avoid running in the cold, damp and dark. As the days are cooler it’s still ok to run in shorts or Capri shorts, but to avoid the risk of hamstring or calf pulls early in the run from cold muscles think about pulling on those running tights to make sure the long leg muscles are warm. Keep the hi-viz on even in daylight hours as drivers find the adjustment in hours difficult for the first few weeks and the twilight can be a dangerous time -you can see them, but do they notice you?!!

The warm-up is best to be brief and using dynamic stretching, then perhaps building up the run from an easy pace for the first 10min or mile before you start thinking about the session pace/s. The long balmy summer evenings have gone, so if you don’t fancy doing the midweek longer runs in the gloom, then think about finding some inclines nearby and doing some repetitive hill efforts – you can have a shorter session, and as the intensity is higher you get just as good a workout.

Simple interval sessions are always a good idea to keep you fit and focused, so run faster to the next postbox.. get out of breath, recovery jog for a minute, repeat etc. And if the grass isn’t too wet then run in the park – this is good for conditioning the legs and the impact is less.

So in the spirit of all this, here I am this week with the amazing BoundinForward team who put me through some serious paces in one of Liverpool’s beautiful hidden parks!



Tom and Marcus are running specialists who love the sport and are helping runners like me and you get the best out of training.

As you can see it’s been a little while since I skipped for the warm-up!

The training was constructed around a pyramid session of increasing and decreasing intervals (100m, 200m, 400m, 100m) and a cool-down, whilst avoiding the odd pet dog and bemused onlookers!

Tom provides excellent running support and pacing with a solid background in 5k and Half, Marcus has an amazing sprint background and combines this with superb running coaching and sports therapy. Get in touch with them if you are in Liverpool on business, holiday or live locally and I’m sure they’d love to have you over for one of their regular weekly training sessions in the city centre.

And if you are new to Liverpool and want to know where this beautiful Georgian park is.. then why not drop me a line and I’ll show you – on a Liverpool Run Tour!