Adizero Boston 5 Boost Review

As we head into the Spring season it’s a good time to think about your kit and running goals for the year ahead. In my case this was pretty easy as the number one priority was to change my tried and tested Adidas Boston 3’s which had by this stage (see pic) had well and truly had it.

Adizero Boston Boost shoes - Before and After

Adizero Boston Boost shoes – Before and After


These shoes were my trusted warhorses and had been with me on many a long journey. I reckon I must have done at least 1,000 miles in these – which is in fact an utter disgrace to wait so long to replace them. Happily the brutal 25th anniversary Guiseley Gallop 10k in Yorkshire followed by a half marathon 7 days later finally destroyed them. So with this in mind I went to my favourite running shoe shop and picked up a pair of the nextgen Boosts – the Adizero Boston 5 Boost, but how would they compare?

Out of the box the colourways for this season are ok, more Black Ops than Sunset Boulevard, but they look meaner and perhaps slightly leaner weighing in at around 250g. They still feature the excellent Continental rubber sole which is very handy for April showers when you are road racing or training on street corners with wet pavements.

They still have the narrow ‘grip’ around the outer foot and a lite toebox which a lot of distance runners prefer, and I just love the light and fast feel you feel as soon as you put them on. It’s the kind of shoe that will shout at you in the box and you’ll be desperate to try them on and get them out into the fresh air as soon as you get home.

The Boost cushioning is firm to say the least and not everyone’s cup of tea, and if you are still running in a pair of canal barges that your local sportswear shop sold you then these will take some getting used to. The feel on the run is trusted on the forefoot, and the heel cup is perhaps slightly tighter than previous incarnations. The comfort however is there from the off and on my first, fast, 5k take-them-out-of-the box run with hills and flat mixed in there was no evidence of any pinch points or altered tread – they still retain the classic Boston safe and secure territory that’s loved by marathon runners.

I found the only slight gripe is that the lace holing and laces material is ever so slightly different in the Boston 5M and slightly fiddly. If you were coming back from an evening run in a UK winter then you’d struggle to undo your shoes – just when you want to get in, get a shower and get a hot drink. I’d love them to bring back the lacing from the early Bostons which were slightly wider and had a composite thread running through them that somehow caught, and yet ran smoothly with a really satisfying and easy pull.

At the end of run Zero in the new Adizero Boston Boost 5, my feet thanked me for changing and as a good test for a new shoe it was as if they had been old friends. Highly recommended. Now where’s the recycling bin…?